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What clients say

“I’m a very happy client that received Skin Classic treatment for my cherry angiomas all over my back, neck, chest and legs. It was painful to see all the redness and scabs the first week. However, it was worth it going through that pain I’m telling yah! So I’ll see how fast these suckers comes back. Thanks joy for your generous discounts. “

Richard V.

“Love oxygen facial! My skin was glowing and was looking really fresh. I wish I can get it done more often for it is a maintenance. I had microdermabrasion last time with oxygen treatment and it was a great combination. I love the privacy of the place where I can totally relax and not be in a hurry. Joy is someone I can totally trust with my beauty care maintenance. I’m so glad that my co-worker at the hospital recommended Joy to me. She’s great!”

Cindy T.

“Joy’s treatment is a one stop tune up face. I love Oxygen Facial, Microdermabrasion, LED Light treatment, custom facials…all of it. My skin looks healthier and younger. She’s awesome!”

Nelly D.

“I will definitely come back! Great service, professional, serene atmosphere, reasonable price with good quality products.”

Pearlie S.

“Great service and great results! Her hospitality and warm personality make you feel extremely comfortable, my skin felt amazing afterwards and the facial experience itself was very relaxing. She takes the time to know your skin so that she help with all your custome needs and it truly makes a difference, I would highly recommend her services. “

Victoria V.

“I’ve been breaking out since I started high school and gotten worse this year. Joy started her treatment on me last September. She customized her treatments. I came weekly the first month then every 2wks x4 and now every 3-4wks. I invested in myself heavily and I’m glad I did. I’m seeing big improvement now and will continue my facial routine. She not only helping me with my skin concern but also sharing her healthy lifestyle. I love her juicing, protein shakes and salad ingredients. Thanks Joy”

Rosa O.

“I absolutely love Oxygen Facial that keeps my skin glowing, radiant and fresh. After one treatment I`ve noticed that my skin is rejuvenated – hydrated, firmer and bright looking. Whenever I need to be instantly glowing and looking my best for any special occasion, I go to Joy. She’s very professional, has your best interest and meets my skincare needs. My skin responds to Intraceuticals products better than anything else I tried.”

Amanda S.

“It’s a perfect combination when I tried microdermabrasion with oxygen facial. Joy suggested to have it done the day before my photo shoot. Sure enough my face was glowing, hydrated and smooth. I knew it right after my first facial was over that I had found my skincare therapist, as I have been searching for one for quite sometime. She is professional, detail oriented and has great follow through.”

Lucy V.

“I have sebaceous hyperplasia on my nose and got the skin classic treatment. Joy was very kind and informative. She’s great and I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends!”

Chelsea S.

“Acne back treatment. I called to inquire about acne treatment on my back. Joy said,”You found me that means I can help you. I solemnly request my boss to send me only the people I can help.” I started giggling and she started laughing. Somehow what she said made me book an appointment. Now my back is A LOT BETTER (3rd visit). She’s kind and I always look forward to my treatment now. Her practice is in private setting which I love. She took really good care of me. No wonder her clients keep on coming. She cares!”

Amy H.

“I spent a morning in a serene, private setting with Joy. I had no idea what to expect or have done, but Joy is very professional and took the time to talk to me and suggest things that would really benefit my skin. She also made recommendation of what products to use and gave me some samples to try. I enjoyed the deluxe custom facial treatment, she used some amazing, high quality products that left my skin feeling fantastic and I felt like a new woman after the treatment. Thank you, Joy!”

Nicole L.
“Great Service. I had a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of it. Clean environment, relaxing, professional and great service.”
Dr M G

“Joy goes well above and beyond her services. Grateful for Joy’s care for our mother who she not only takes care of her skin but overall well being. She does more than what she’s paid for. We wish to keep her private treatment for as long as possible. Highly recommended!!!”


“Excellent service. I would strongly recommend Touch of Joy Asthetics. Professional, friendly and caring service. Clean relaxing treatment room. She takes her time to make sure you get the best possible results. Other spas usually put a time limit on your service so you dont always get the best results. Highly recommend Joy!”

Susie H.

“I just had the Skin Classic procedure done for some sebaceous hyperplasia on my forehead, nose and cheeks. Joy was great. Super professional. Was in great communication about what she was doing and the possible pain I’d feel during the procedure. The discomfort was very minimal. It was very relaxing and simple. I’m still in my recovery period just having had it done yesterday, but so far I’m very happy with it and would highly recommend Joy.”

Mark F.